Women's Dark Green Flats
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Toe of shoes.
Velcro Clasp.
Strap of shoe.


Loints of Holland 73920 Active Green Flats Shoes.

Loints of Holland Active Mary Jana Shoes

Minimalist design, no decorations, decorative stitches and other things, but only soft green leather, Velcro strap, black flexible sole. And as a result, very wearable comfortable Mary Jane Shoes with Velcro Strap. 

Removable insoles of shoes whose photographs you see. These insoles have unique hygienic properties. Indeed, a natural cork, even in a humid environment, is capable of not undergoing rotting for centuries, inhibiting the formation of fungus, and preventing the appearance of an unpleasant odor. And if you need to use your own insoles, then you can easily do this by replacing the insoles from Loints of Holland with your own.

Black removable Insole of the Active Loints of Holland shoes

Green is the color of life itself, a color that has a calming effect on a person. Just see how great the 73920 Active Loints of Holland shoes look in natural light.
Loints of Holland 73920 Active Green Flats