Nude Ballet Flats
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It is not pink, it's a beautiful color nude
Soft nappa leather upper
Turbo Line: Leather insole and sole are one piece


Loints of Holland Nude leather Flat Shoes

Loints of Holland 39945 Turbo Nude Ballet Flats. This is a model in which you want to spend your whole life. Soft leather uppers, delicate leather lining recreate the unforgettable sensations of early childhood, as if your feet were wrapped around caring mother's hands.  In these shoes you feel light and flexible because a steady, elastic, flexible sole and leather insole make up a single whole. This sole is a private development of the company "Loints of Holland", which has been producing high-quality shoes for more than 100 years. The company's specialists have created a real masterpiece: durable, durable, ergonomic shoes that create the feeling that you are walking barefoot on soft, silky grass.

Loints of Holland Nude leather Flat  in natural light