Knit-trimmed leather ankle boots
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Stylish and warm ankle boots. How nice that you have such footwear, especially on a chilly autumn day. In such ankle boots you can feel comfortable at work, and in the evening sit with friends in a cozy cafe. Rubber wear-resistant outsole does not let in moisture, unless, of course, you are going to measure the depth of the surrounding pools in them. The heel is so comfortable that even those who have not worn heeled shoes for a long time  are delighted with these ankle boots. Microfiber lining keeps your feet warm, but will not overheat them, your feet will remain dry and warm. A knitted stocking gently hug and warm your ankles. When we are cold, we love to wear a cozy wool pullover. Why not let our feet experience the same bliss?

Ankle boots have thick removable insoles with anti-bacterial properties. So the bacteria simply have no chance to settle in these shoes. Unpleasant smell from the shoes you are not threatened. The main thing is to correctly determine your size. And if one of these sizes is yours, feel free to order and enjoy this wonderful shoe.