Women's slipper
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Upper:  German cow leather.  Salmon color:  how accurately the play of color on the salmon scales on this leather is reproduced.
Clasp: black elastic band
Optimal casual summer shoes for those who need to walk a lot.
Brown leather insole and leather heel.


Loints of Holland Turbo summer  slippers

This is the  Loints of Holland 39940 Turbo Salmon Slipper. The upper is a single piece of unlined leather, which in addition to its delicate softness has a unique pattern. Look carefully at the pattern! You will see clear water, brownish pebbles, shells and fish scales, gleaming slightly in the sun.

Gathered elastic top line.

The reddish-brown leather insole fits snugly against the sole, making it one whole. A smoothly curving brown line framing a white sole there is the edge of this insole Together with the upper leather, the insole is securely sewn and glued to the sole.

A durable flexible ergonomic sole creates the feeling that you are walking barefoot and are not at all afraid to step on something sharp and unpleasant. And the rounded shape of the sole both inside under the leather insole and outside creates special comfort for your foot.

Loints of Holland  39940 Turbo Salmon casual shoes   are made with great craftsmanship, with love and deep respect for you. So allow yourself to enjoy it!

Women's Turbo slip-on shoes