Knitted Trim Ankle Boot
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  • Color
    Prusia (dark blue)
  • Exterior Material
  • Insoles
  • Outsole
    Rubber and cork
  • Lining


The seam line between the knit trim and the leather upper,
Ankle boots appear bluer in sunlight
Flexible, resilient sole made from a mixture of cork wood crumbs and rubber


Art 0968 I Dance Blue Leather Ankle Boot with Knitted Trim

 Blue Leather Ankle Boot with Knitted Trim

Magnificent soft leather women's ankle boots - 0968 ART I Dance. You yourself determine how high raise the knitted leg warmers, which is firmly sewn to the base of the shoes made of leather. At the back of the ankle boot, where the knitted  leg warmers is sewn to the leather, there is a textile loop. When you shoe shoes, you need to put your index finger in this textile loop and easily put this boot on the foot. A flexible, light outsole made of a mixture of cork and rubber is created for pleasant walks. The leather insole covers the sole, is glued to it and is firmly sewn to the lining. Lightness and simplicity characterize this model. Please use the size chart when ordering this model.

Women's blue leather ankle boots with knitted trim in daylight