Women's Hidden Wedge Heel Ankle Boots
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  • Closure
    Zipper Laces
  • Color
  • Exterior Material
  • Insoles
  • Lining
  • Outsole



835 ART Sochi - Black ankle boots in a sports style with lacing and zipper. The hidden heel. The upper is sewn from thick cowhide with a grinding face layer, which has a beautiful matte shine. The outsole of the color of cold lemonade creates a classic contrast: both strict and defiant at the same time. In nature, this combination is a signal of danger, such as in bees or poisonous snakes. Laces of bright lemon color create a sea of opportunities for creativity: each time tying them in another way, you can change the emphasis in your appearance. Ankle boots will be effectively combined with clothing in green, gray or purple hues.

The insoles in this shoe are removable. They are soft, thanks to the basis of a mixture of cork and rubber. The insole is covered with leather on top.

Independence, self-confidence and attractiveness depend on the internal state. Do you want to raise your self-esteem both in your own and others' eyes? Do not be afraid to buy bright things, sometimes this is the first way to declare yourself!