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  • Closure
  • Color
    Marine (dark blue)
  • Outsole
  • Exterior Material
  • Insoles
  • Lining


The Callaghan Starboy sneakers are made of a soft nubuck of dark blue and yellow. Nubuck is an excellent comfortable natural material. It is impregnated with water repellent, so at the beginning of use it does not require additional treatment. In the future, in case of contamination, the sole should be wiped with a damp rag, using a special nubuck brush to clean dry shoes from dust, debris and impregnate. In rainy weather, impregnation can be applied twice. The next layer is applied only after full absorption of the previous layer. The agent may be colorless or the desired shade. With good care, sneakers will look like new for a long time.

Textile lining perfectly absorbs moisture, allows the skin to breathe, provides a fresh and dry feeling inside the shoe. Thanks to antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment, the lining and insole in the running shoes created a healthy microclimate, which is especially important for the  baby's foot.

Removable insoles are an advantage for those who must use their own orthopedic insoles, made of recycled PU, a top layer of leather. 

The sole is made of modern XL EXTRALIGHT® material, developed in Italy. This is an ultralight, wear-resistant, flexible, eco-friendly material, whose products are 3 times lighter than other materials with the same mechanical properties. This sole also has the technology of the company Callaghan Adaptaction, which was patented in 2004. When walking, the human foot expands 5 to 8 mm. Specialists of the company Callaghan have designed a sole that adapts to the foot and expands with it. As a result, the joints, vessels and fingers do not squeeze, which is especially important for the correct formation of the child's foot.