Soft Grain

Сowhide leather "Grain" has a grainy, uneven structure. This leather is treated in a natural way. In the process of pumping, river stones are used. As a result, the skin becomes soft, supple and durable. Then the leather is treated with a water repellent.
Shoes made of such leather, comfortable, light and versatile. It is ideal for those who like to travel.
Shoes made from this leather do not require special care. It is enough to clean it from dirt in a timely manner. For this you can use a dry soft cloth. Do not dry shoes from this leather on heating elements or near other heaters. Because  the leather will become stiff.
If necessary, rub the shoes with a cream for shoes of smooth leather colorless or the desired color or wax. This will prolong the service life of shoes, retain a good appearance and restore the waterproofness of shoes. When changing the season, you need to lubricate shoes with cream or wax, when the shoes are removed for storage.