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Next is a line of summer women's shoes, which the Dutch manufacturer Loints of Holland has been creating for over 5 years. The sole of the shoe is made of thermoplastic rubber, a kind of synthetic rubber. It is an eco-friendly, completely recyclable material, from which excellent summer soles are made by the method of thermal injection molding. They are durable, flexible, lightweight, waterproof, have high cushioning properties and good wear resistance. Heel height Next is 6 centimeters, and the thickness of the toe portion is 2 centimeters. To create their masterpieces, the company's designers use soles of two colors: black and beige.

The top layer is covered with a thick layer mixture of  latex  and a cushioned cork. The manufacturer, following the rule that shoes, like the bed should be comfortable, created a real bed for a female foot, covering it with a smooth leather insole, a bed in which the foot feels a pleasant bliss. "And where is the heel ?!" - You will scream, wearing sandals for the first time. Indeed, everything is done so conveniently that the foot does not even feel that it is not on a level surface.

For sewing the top of the shoes used the best unlined leather of European manufacture. In these shoes you do not need to be afraid of allergic reactions, harmful fumes of poor-quality glue and other troubles. Specialists of the company with centuries-old traditions and high reputation created this healthy and beautiful shoes. Therefore, if you are not going to spend all your life in slippers, feel free to make your choice!