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More than 15 years, the company Loints of Holland produces women's shoes Natural. Shoes of this line are distinguished by a wide variety of models and an extensive selection of leathers of different colors. As a result of the joint work of the company's specialists, it turns out a durable, comfortable for long walks, light and stable footwear that fits well for almost any feet, is suitable for wider feet and allows you to use your own individual insole if necessary. Rubber Latex sole is  durable, flexible, soft,  non-slip, with good cushioning properties.  Very few brands allow themselves to use this material because it is expensive. The thickness of the sole  in the toe is 10 mm, in the heel - 20 mm. Shoes with this sole can be worn in winter, because the material has good heat-shielding properties, and does not lose its properties at low temperatures.

The  Natural shoes  always use removable three-layer insole. The top of the insole is a layer of leather. This leather can be black or white, depending on the design. Under the layer of leather is a special absorbent layer, designed to absorb moisture and connect the upper leather layer with the bottom layer of the cork. This last thick layer of cork together with the sole ensures correct load distribution on the foot, makes the step softer, reduces the load on the ankle and spine. That's why the manufacturer recommends this footwear for long walks. The insole maintains a healthy microclimate in the shoes.
The top of the Natural shoe is made of soft leather, supplied by German manufacturers.
Natural is a light, ecological, ergonomic women's footwear, which, with  proper care, has been in service for many years and, if necessary, is being repaired.
Natural shoes range from 36 to 42.