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Family Melbourne

The sole of the footwear of the family "Melbourne" attracts primarily its design, it seems to have been woven from a grid with cells of different sizes. "Melbourne" - a flexible and wide, rubber sole, on which the toes are freely placed. The shape of the sole is optimal for the so-called Egyptian foot. (Egyptian foot - the thumb is the most outstanding, after him all the fingers follow in descending order, from the greater to the smaller). We recommend choosing shoes "Melbourne" for a size larger than you usually wear, to everyone whose foot has a different shape. The damping properties of the sole are high, therefore the manufacturer actively uses it for tailoring footwear for every day, designed for long comfortable walking.
The top of the shoe is glued and sewed to the sole around the entire circumference.
Shoes of the family "Melbourne" has a removable anatomical insole with antibacterial carbon fiber. This insole maintains a favorable microclimate in the shoes, very well drains the moisture that the foot releases during walking, supports the arches of the foot, correctly distributes the load.
Initially, the manufacturer produced this shoe from 36 to 46 size, but from 2014 the size range became from 40 to 46 size.

In this shoe, you will be surprised to find that the day has passed, and you are not tired at all.