Lola is a line of summer women's shoes Loints of Holand. The designers of the company created it specifically for women who like the footbed wedge. The result of their work is a stylish, light and very comfortable summer shoes. The basis of the shoe is a smooth and durable wedge, 3 cm high. From the bottom to it is glued a rubber sole, and on top is a cork footbed, whose height is 1 cm. A leather insole is glued to the cork layer. As a result, the foot is laid on a comfortable and tactile-pleasant surface. The toe portion of the sandals is quite wide, the toes lie freely, they do not squeeze.

Summer shoes Lola has no lining. The top of the sandals is made of high-quality leather from the German factory "Lederfabrik Heinen". It is a soft thick leather, treated with hydrophobic fats, enzymes and other innovative substances. As a result, the leather got water-repellent and dirt-repellent properties, but still has good air permeability. This leather is very gentle to the feet: does not press and does not rub the calluses.

The summer shoes of the Lola line may have a closed toe or an open toe, and the heel, as a rule, is always open.

The range of sizes of women's summer shoes Lola from 36 to 42.

If you like wedge sandals, do not hesitate to choose the Lola line. In this shoe you can enjoy the summer, and your feet enjoy quality shoes Lola.