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Family "Link"

Shoes of the family Link have a light, flexible, comfortable, durable sole, which has good cushioning properties. The sole is made of rubber and is equipped with a "double air system" .
Double air system.
This system, developed by the specialists of the company "The Art Company", creates an increased comfort of footwear brand ART. A feature of this system is its installation inside the sole and the use of unique technical components that allow the distribution of specific gravity in those areas of the foot that need more support and flexibility.  In shoes, equipped with a dual air system, walk especially pleasant.

The sole has a special relief, which gives additional stability even on slippery surfaces.
 Shoes of the family LINK have a round toe, removable insole and normal fullness.

Size range of shoes  family LINK from 36 to 46 size.  Therefore, this footwear is also worn by men with a small foot size, and women with a large leg, as well as fans of the "family look" style.

  Your step will be elastic and easy in the shoes of the family "LINK".