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I Breathe

Family I Breathe is produced by the Spanish company "The Art Company". This is a men's and women's summer shoes, the size range from 36 to 46.

For the first time this  shoes were shown in the summer collection of 2013, it has since won the love and appreciation of millions of people around the world. Back then the designers of the company abandoned the traditional sole, reducing the production process by one step, and launching the campaign "Bye Bye Suela".

A mixture of natural rubber and cork forms an anatomical sole, 3 cm thick in the calcaneal part and 2 cm - in the toe. The sole is lightweight, flexible, durable and comfortable. There are special protrusions on the sole. To these protrusions sewn the top of the shoe with thick threads. Two beautiful seams are obtained, which give the finished product a handicraft appearance. The leather insole, which covers the anatomical footbed, delivers a pleasant tactile sensation to the bare feet.

And how much benefit you will get from walking in this shoe!

The sole has excellent damping properties, softens the step, correctly distributes the load on the arches of the foot, leg ligaments and spine. The foot in this shoe is located naturally, the toes do not squeeze, they are free. The skin of the leg is breathing. In general, this footwear is an excellent tool for preventing not only flat feet, but also other extremely unpleasant leg diseases.

Do you need any other reasons to try them?