The Harlem range of the Spanish company "The Art Company" is distinguished by its wide variety and creative design. There are shoes, ankle boots, boots of different colors and shades.

The models of this line can differ greatly from each other, but there is one thing that unites them: a sole and a curved heel with avant-garde style. Heel height - 60 mm, thickness of the sole -10 mm. On the bottom, the words "comfort soul system" are extruded, which means the comfort system of the soul. So "The Art Company" notes shoes, which has its own special comfort. The sole and heel are made of 100% rubber. This material with good cushioning properties significantly reduces the load on the spine and leg ligaments. Wearing this shoe protects the joints, since the step becomes softer. Rubber has good thermal insulation properties, so it is readily used in shoes that are worn in cool weather. Also this material is resistant to abrasion. One of our customers said that while on vacation in another country, she dared to go on a one-day hiking tour along the mountain paths. But, as often happens with women, she did not take suitable tourist shoes with her to rest. What was to be done? She went in the harlem shoes. And what? The shoes with honor withstood the campaign: they did not rub their blisters on the legs of the hostess and did not lose their external appearance. Although the sports shoes of some participants of this campaign became unusable. And how many stories told by women who famously danced in harlem shoes at festive evenings, were not at all tired and enchanted others with their incendiary dance!

Sadly, only the insole in the shoes harlem is not removable, but as they say, the manufacturer knows better.