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For more than 12 years, women can walk in the summer in the sandals  Florida, created by Loints of Holland. These are so comfortable shoes that it is difficult to find the words to describe what you will feel when you first try this shoe. You need to experience it yourself at least once. What I'm trying to describe here will be just a pale copy of what you really feel.
The main feature of this line is certainly the sole. See from the outside, like nothing special and no.  TR - outsole with a pattern of flower petals. Thermoplastic rubber is an elastic, wear-resistant material that provides good cushioning properties. The material has a low density and hence the outsole is lightweight and slightly springy. Thermoplastic rubber has no through pores, moisture does not pass through it and it perfectly protects the cork layer located on top. A layer of soft cork forms a real ergonomic bed for the foot, quite dense around the edges and soft nearer to the center. Above, this layer is covered with a soft, teddy to the touch, leather insole. All layers are firmly glued together and form this comfortable sole  Florida. The height of the sole in the zone of the heel is 30 mm, in the forefoot - 12 mm. When you put on these shoes, you feel a soft, gentle touch, as if the foot dropped on the down pillow. You feel  that you are again a baby, and your mother's warm and caring hands are gently touching your foot. You take a step and realize that you just do not want to climb out of these sandals, and your foot finally gets what it only vaguely dreamed of all this time.

Florida shoes can have a closed or open sock. The heel is always open. The top is made of soft leather, processed in German factories. The purpose of these leather straps is to keep your foot in this wonderful "bed" Florida. Like all other lines, Florida shoes are produced in a limited edition. After all, the company Loints of Holland does not want to produce millions of pairs of the same type of footwear, reducing the cost of everything that can be cheapened, but has been working for 100 years, paying attention to each pair of shoes to give maximum comfort to its customers.

The size range of women's summer shoes Florida from 36 to 42.