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Shoes line Character is produced by the company Loints of Holland for more than 10 years. During this time the models of this line have become desirable and in demand for millions of people in different parts of the world. Shoes Character has a comfortable, flexible, durable anatomical sole, repeating all the bends of the human foot. The height of the sole in the toe is 13 mm, and in the heel - 25 mm. Polyurethane outsole and leather midsole form an unit. Polyurethane is a universal, modern and safe material that is used to create a variety of consumer and industrial products that make our life comfortable. This is an environmentally friendly material that is completely recycled. PU sole is lightweight, resistant to abrasion, waterproof, with excellent cushioning and heat-insulating properties. Every step in this shoe is done with pleasure. However, we do not recommend wearing these shoes at temperatures below -20 degrees, since polyurethane at this temperature loses its elasticity, so the sole can crack. In addition, polyurethane soles very slip on snowy and icy surfaces.Shoes Character has a rounded sock, there is enough room for the free arrangement of the toes. The top of the shoe is made of soft, flexible leather, made in Germany. Shoes Character has no lining, so it has a minimum number of stitches. The foot in this shoe feels particularly comfortable.

The size range of footwear Character c 36 to 42 sizes.