The NEOSENS shoe brand is relatively young, the brand was born in 2006. Footwear is created and produced in the Spanish city of La Rioja. Neosens shoes are based on the soul and the values of this land. The nature of this place, organic forms, romantic air, feelings, vineyards light, extraordinary landscapes - all this inspires the manufacturer to create shoes Neosens.

In the manufacture of shoes used methods that combine tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and cutting edge technology. The result is a shoe brand with denomination of origin: Neosens. Original Shoes from La Rioja.

When creating shoes Neosens used a large amount of manual labor. The craftiness of shoes is the hallmark of this brand. In addition to the unusual design, Neosens shoes are distinguished by increased comfort, soft insoles, ergonomics. For the production of shoes used exclusive high-quality leather with the latest waterproof treatment, which allows shoes to have additional protection during the operation and makes it less demanding to care.

Neosens collections are distinguished by their uniqueness, originality, and romance. The shoes of this brand are ideal for extraordinary, energetic and romantic people who want to emphasize their individuality and do not want to look “like everyone else”.