Loints of Holland

The history of the brand "Loints of Holland"

Shoes inspired by nature.

In 1918, Mr. Cornelus Klijsen began to sew shoes. His small enterprise and became the source of the brand Loints of Holland. Shoes Loints of Holland, of course, can be called "green shoes", since the 70's it is made of the finest materials. Today all footwear is produced at the company's own factory in Hungary  in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.  The models of the Loints of Holland brand are created with respect to nature. In most models of shoes there is no lining, so there is no excess glue, unnecessary costs. Shoes brand Loints of Holland is unique. The design of this shoe allows its owner to maintain his individual style, not to follow blindly the fashion, but to be modern. You can put on shoes that were bought a few years ago and fucking look good.

Loints shoes are very individual and not made by robotic machines. Making Loints still means a lot of manual labour and involvement. The production of an average shoe consists of 200 production processes! As a result, a unique, very comfortable, durable footwear is born that cares about the feet of its owner, like a mother, takes care of her baby.
Every year hundreds of millions of shoes are being thrown away globally.  One of the ways in which the Loints of Holland brand helps to reduce the problem of global waste is the production of long-lasting quality footwear.