History of Kickers

The Kickers brand, now owned by the Groupe Royer group of companies, began with one attentive glance that Daniel Raufast, the creator of KICKERS, threw on the poster of the American musical group HAIR in the distant 1970.

It was the time of a new generation, full of energy and new aspirations, inventing a new way of life day by day. The key words of this youth, wishing to live their dreams, were: INDEPENDENCE, OPTIMISM, IMAGINATION. Daniel suddenly saw that this generation's wardrobe lacks a key element that would be for shoes, the same as jeans for trousers: a symbol of alternative culture, an expression of difference and at the same time a promise of pleasure. And such shoes appeared for the first time in the spring of the same year. The name of this KICKERS shoe is based on the English word KICK (kick) and KER (for American consonance), to which the "S" will be added to mark the similarity to the word jeans.

Like JEANS, a rock fetish for children, KICKERS shoes are durable, practical, comfortable, cheerful and colorful.

And, like almost all the heirs of the "swaying sixties", KICKERS shoes appreciate the simplicity and authenticity of natural raw materials.


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