El Naturalista

Brand History

Walk through life

El Naturalista - a brand from the province of La Rioja in Spain, was born in 2001. The slogan "Caminar por la vida" expresses the philosophy of this brand, which, in terms of materials, colors, shapes and structure of shoes, is close to nature and wants to live in a new way. The frog, as the company's logo, symbolizes the ecosystem, agility, dynamism and adaptability.

Now the shoes are produced at three production sites: La Rioja in Spain and Tangier in Morocco. These are places that have long been famous for their furriers and shoemakers.

Creating a pair of shoes El Naturalista - a complex choreography, in which numerous people take part. Each shoe is a puzzle of several pieces that are cut, sewn and assembled with maximum precision. In a world where everyone is in a hurry, the company's specialists strive for manual processes and excellent finishing, choose high-quality raw materials, contribute to production processes that combine the careful approach of the master and innovation.

Established: 2001

Headquarters: Pol. Moreta s/n, 26570 Quel (La Rioja) Spain

Production site: La Rioja (Spain), Tangier  (Morocco)