Callaghan's History

Walking, the healthiest sport

The CallagHan brand was born in 1987 in the group of companies Hergar, which has been working since 1968 and is engaged in the creation of shoes, combining the excellent traditional craftmanship and high consumer value. The company's specialists developed and in 2004 patented the Callaghan Adaptaction® technology which resulted in "the shoe that adapts to your feet" - a product with unique characteristics on the market and providing unprecedented comfort. Due to its strong commitment to technological innovation, Callaghan Adaptaction is constantly evolving, positioning itself today as the leading brand specializing in comfort. After more than 40 years, Callaghan continues to create shoes that offer a unique experience in walking, combining technology with craftsmanship, comfort with design, caring for every detail in the manufacturing process, using only natural leathers of first-class quality, the patented XL EXTRALIGHT® soles of the highest level and the last generation.
In 1991 the group of companies Hergar acquired the children´s brand Gorila, recognized by its high quality and durability since 1942.  This acquisition reinvigorated Gorila and gave it personality, design, modernity and the use of new technologies in its designs.

Created on: 1987

Headquarters: Avenida de la Industria, 4./ 26580 ARNEDO / LA RIOJA / ESPAÑA

Place of origin: ARNEDO